Training and Activities

Teaching Mudra Science and Spreading Awareness of Varmakkalai for Lifelong Health

Through various mediums and methods, we spread the knowledge of Varmakkalai, particularly Mudra Science, gained through years of study and research. We try our level best to make these scientific truths as simple as possible for the understanding of our common public. We use the following ways to make this happen,

Regular Mudra Classes:

Our Varmaguru and his team conduct regular mudra classes that offer people an introduction into the wide ranging science of Mudras. During these classes, we offer people with a glimpse of what Mudras are and how powerful they are in keeping away over 4000 types of ailments bothering out mind and body. We also give them a basic grounding in the mother science of Varmakkalai and Siddha healing. We conduct these classes throughout India and abroad. Apart from Tamil Nadu, our classes have been attended by people in places like Bangalore, Chandigarh, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

Organizers for these classes include a wide range of interested group right from Tamil Sangams, Literary societies, Rotary and Lions Club to corporate sector bodies like Coca-Cola, RMKV, Chennai Silks, etc. We invite any such interested group to contact us at the following number to get in touch and arrange a Mudra class for your members, clients or employees. Spread the word about this wonderful science that truly belongs to our glorious cultural past and let people benefit from its magnificent goodness.

To organize a Mudra class kindly contact us at 0422-2520689 or 94422-22698

Vagary Healthcare Management:

To achieve our primary objectives (laid out in the home page), we have come up with a complete self-reliant healthcare management system named ‘Vagary”. “Vagary” is a latin word meaning miraculous changes that happen in life signifying how even small changes can lead to bigger future outcomes.

In our one day Vagary training class, we give you the various principles governing your health and body and equip you with the much needed Mudra knowledge to preserve and enhance your health. Along with Mudras, our Vagary training includes a sequence of exercises, breathing methods and general guidelines and good practices to follow in your daily life.

To know more about our Vagary class schedule, kindly contact us at 0422-2520689 or 94422-22698.

Kannan Kural Magazine:

To keep our followers and general public updated about Mudras, Varmakkalai in general, Siddha Medicines and our ancient ways of living, we publish a monthly Tamil magazine, ‘Kannan Kural’. This magazine covers everything about our foundation’s latest research, updates about our activities, most recent nuggets of wisdom from our Varmaguru and other expert Tamil authors along with a newly researched Mudra that solves a specific health issue. The magazine also includes useful information about home medicine, herbs and their uses and about our traditional Tamil way of living.

Check out the magazine at