In today’s era, the preservation of an individual’s health and well-being has become an overwhelming necessity. To help this noble goal, Kanna Foundation has set out and found success in bringing you the treasured wisdom that was in common use in ancient India. The incredible concept of healing oneself through self-reliance is the primary goal of this ancient yogic wisdom. By using these methods, one can take care of the fundamental medical needs without having to rely on others by simply using their own fingers as doctor.

Under the guidance of our VarmaGuru Dr. R. Pasukkanna, the foundation has re-developed the art of self-reliant healing based on the ancient varmakkalai into a structured process. As part of this process, Kanna Foundation aims to impart the knowledge and knowhow of self-reliant healing through Amrita Varma Treatment Centre at Coimbatore.

What is Varmakkalai treatment?

Widely used by ancient Tamil people, this traditional method of Varmakkalai is based on the human body’s 108 nerve energy nodes called the 108 Varma points. If any disruption occurs in any of these 108 Varma points, the flow of body’s vital energy called as Prana is blocked or limited causing different health ailments. To rectify this disruption, varmakkalai healing offers various counter techniques. By using the science of varma, you can once rejuvenate the flow of Prana energy thus completely eradicating the disease.

The features of Varmakkalai:

  • Used traditionally by our ancient Tamil ancestors
  • Mudra science, an integral part of Varma, is based on ancient tantra yoga discovered by Siddhars
  • The use of suggested herbs in daily life
  • We practice a holistic treatment based on Varma, Mudra and Herbs to offer you lifelong respite from your ailments.

Our treatment philosophy:

  • Treatment based on your Nadi
  • True medicines are those based on herbs
  • Simple methods that can be followed by anyone
  • Harnessing the power of Mudra science
  • Every disease has its cure, yours can be found at our treatment centre
  • 90% Immediate Relief, 100% No Side-effects

Our Treatment Centres:

Amrita Varma Treatment Centre:

4-C, Lakshmi Puram, Ganapathy, Coimbatore – 641006

Ph: 0422-2529320, 9944940698,


We request you to kindly call or email ahead and schedule an appointment using the above details. We also encourage you to contact us for knowing more about our treatments.

Our tools to guide you towards self-reliant healing:

Fingers as Doctor:

Presenting the world’s first fully researched manual on the use of ancient Mudra science for self-reliant healing and lifelong health. Created by VarmaGuru Dr. R. Pasukkanna, this book teaches the truth about the use and practice of your own fingers as doctor for your health ailments. We have systematically compiled the results of our research findings of 108 Mudras as Sutras into a simple yet amazing health manual titled, “Fingers as Doctor”. Our ‘Fingers as Doctor’ book offers you an easy way to heal over 400 diseases by using just your fingers.

  • No equipment needed
  • Use your fingers as your own health specialists
  • Prevent possible ailments from recurring in the future by using the same methods

To know more about our ‘Fingers as Doctor’ concept and the similarly titled health manual, kindly contact Kanna Foundation office.

Kannan Kural – A Tamil Monthly for Your Health:

Kanna Foundation has created this unique Kannan Kural tamil monthly magazine to help you continue your learning of the ancient self-reliant healing science of Varmakkalai, particularly focusing on Mudras and herbal healing. We include a new Mudra every month based on our Varmaguru’s extensive research so that you can keep leading a healthy life without having to depend on external medications. The magazine also includes various details about ancient tamil culture, traditional herbal medicines, natural living and other interesting topics.

You can also visit our Products & Services page for more details.